At LodgIQ, we believe revenue management technology should simplify everyday tasks and elevate a property's ability to be competitive in their market. With the use of machine learning, our technology uncovers revenue opportunities hidden in big data and provides you a simple path to acting upon it.

Reimagining your competition with additional data sets 

LodgIQ RM determines the best possible room rate using key demand factors including Market, Comp Set, Events, Forecast, and Vacation Rental. By knowing the driving demand factors for your destination overall, you can leverage revenue opportunities that were previously overlooked.

Drag-and-drop, real-time Revenue Management BI capabilities

No more waiting for bulky reports to render. Quickly evaluate your property's performance with drag-and-drop reporting of key demand factors, displayed to you in real time. Share results with your team in a few simple clicks without ever leaving the platform.

Revenue Management works regardless of your size

There is no property too small to benefit from revenue management. As long as you have rooms to sell, you have the potential to sell at the best possible rate, in any channel, to any guest, at any time. LodgIQ RM gives you a simple way to price competitively and add more revenue to your bottomline.

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